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. coming up next on eyewitness news. good morning, everyone. the new information on the man who threatened to go on a shooting rampage and found with an arsenal of weapons. why his friend say he is a gentle giant. victims remembered. those who have died are laid to rest. the olympics are in full swing. the latest on the games in london. how is the weather shaping up. eyewitness news, sunday morning, starts right now.
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. good morning, and welcome to eyewitness news this sunday, i am andrea fujii in for gigi barnett. >> we have had a lot of rain. little bit of hayes over the city this morning -- haze over the city this morning. we are going to show you as far as temperatures around the region. we are coming in the 60s to 70. couple of degrees down. 59 degrees. it is a cool start to the day. we are in the low 0s and we are in the -- low 70s and in the mid-60s. >> 70 in west minister and through the afternoon, still the slight chance for an afternoon thunder or shower
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storms. they are going to limit our chances today and we will have the forecast coming up. >> looking good. >> here are some of the stories people are talking about this morning. he called himself the joke kerr, he had an arsenal of weapons and threatened to shoot his coworkers. we are learning more about the man. we have more about the man who knew him. >> reporter: one friend of the suspect described him as a gentlele giant. s.w.a.t. teams raid rah apartment at the crofton complex. what they found surprised everyone. >> it is shocking, scary. >> close to home. >> reporter: police confiscated arrest spinale of guns and round of ammunitions that blowed to this man. neil edward prescott. prescott had called his
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supervisor in pitney bowes and threatened to go on a shooting rampage. we learned he is in the process of being fired. >> you mean a joker. i am going to load my guns and blow everyone up. >> reporter: that set off alarms in the wake of the recent colorado massacre. >> we will take action. >> reporter: a friend spoke out saying he may have had a stash of semiautomatic guns and pistols and worried about break ins near the apartment complex. the friends went on to say he was a gentle giant with a sarcastic sense of humor. the others talked about his quiet deem mean nor. >> he stayed to himself. his parents wanted to go to clubs and he decided to be -- college and but he decided to be a computer geek.
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>> reporter: charges against him are still pending. >> we thwarted violence that could have happened and saved lives. >> reporter: his mental evaluation could take up to a week. monique griego, wjznews. three people killed during the movie massacre in aurora, colorado are laid to rest. they highlighted their heroism and remembered the lives that were cut short. >> reporter: her home state's flag few in her honor. they gathered to celebrate the aspiring sportscaster's life. >> she will never stop amaze mimi as she lives on in our hearts and souls. there was a passion for hockey. and some laughter. especially when this video
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played showing her as an intern falling on the ice as she conducted her first interview. ghawi survived a deadly shooting in toronto last month. but was one of the 12 killed when james holmes opened fire inside the new batman movie in aurora, colorado. >> we will do what we can to remember them and just share their stories. >> reporter: her brother jordan ghawi. >> if he could have done this with this much hate. imagine what we could do with this much love. >> reporter: her family made it a point to remember the other victims. especially the ones who died protecting others. matt mcquinn was one of them. he was remembered in ohio. he died protecting his girlfriend. >> his immediate response was to protect the ones he loved. >> reporter: there have now
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been services for seven of the victims and there are still more to come. in san antonio, texas, wjznews. >> staff sergeant jesse childress was laid to rest in colorado. stay tuned for the complete tragedy in aurora, log on to for more. an investigation is underway after a boat sinks in ocean city. it happened 46 miles offshore. the coast guard said nine people were sent into the water and the boat sank a half hour after the call came in. everyone on board was rescued and is expected to be okay. >> police in south bam more are investigating a suspicious death. a man with trauma to his upper body was found on south charles street. detectives say it is not clear if he was shot and we are
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awaiting an autopsy report. turning to the olympics and all the excitement in london. michael phelps will get another chance to win a medal. we have the report from london. >> reporter: superstar ryan lochte made a big splash so far. he blew michael phelps out of the water. >> we were hoping ryan would win. he is the underdog. >> reporter: lochte said he was still in shock when he touched the wall. phelps couldn't believe it either. >> you would think phelps was a guaranteed. >> reporter: first time he missed out on a medal since he was a 15-year-old. lochte said this is his year and no better way to start the olympics off than getting gold. >> reporter: they used twitter to show he had no hard
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feelings. he tweeted to lochte. p way to go to keep the medal in the country where it belongs. >> reporter: serena williams won the opening match. american fan watched harrison lose in an olympic debut and still came out a winner. >> he lost his match and took it out on the racket. and i got away with a souvenir. >> reporter: the queen is among fans and enjoyed the excitement. she toured the tower that is next to the stadium. as it continues, olympic investigators are investigating why so many seats are empty. wjz, eyewitness news. >> reporter: china won seven gold medals and italyen a the united states are tied with five medals each. orioles are coming off a
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tough game against the oakland as. the old orioles couldn't come up with a win in time. nick mark contact kiss hit a home run in the 9th inning. the only run they would get. the orioles home stand with the oakland as wraps up this afternoon. watch it on masn, and right here on wing 13. it will -- on wjz 13. it is going to be hot, sweaty and dewpoints were in the low 70s and down in the 60s. >> we will take it. >> here is how it looks outside right now. the sunshine has a haze out there. it is fairly muggy and it is summer time out there. not quite the level as
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yesterday. you just heard. you hear the storm that is made their way through yesterday. some cases, a lot of rain between one to 2 inches of rain. including anne arundel county. and a lot of hail also. in some cases almost 2 inches and all that is gone with the cold front that moved through. >> slightest chance of a storm to pop up today. the front is gone. here are the winds. not much out there. nothing to stir up the atmosphere. and 75 in baltimore, right now. and here are the dewpoints indicating the mugginess level out there. take a look at this. 59 refreshing degrees in oakland this morning. cool start to the day. see the one front that made its way through. we have a couple of fronts moving our way and today. as we said. still a slight chance for showers and thunderstorms and they will start to increase again as the next front moves our way. we will see some pop up on the
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radar and tuesday into wednesday. when it is going to come by. most of the showers and thunderstorms right here. >> so the forecast on the waters. north wind. and heading out boating this afternoon. and 5 knots and, of course, any thunderstorm will be much higher. and today, a slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm. as we head into tonight. mainly clear sky cease. 66 degrees. not a bad night over all. then we start to see the chances increase once again. as we head through the afternoon hours. on tuesday. more of a chance with the front coming through and temperatures, you see in the forecast here within a few degrees of 90. >> at or above. and not looking at any records the next couple of afternoons. >> 69 there. i love it. next on sunday morning
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news, police officer officers arrest one of of their own. a home is completely destroyed when a car goes crashing through it. >> if you ever wanted to join the circus, there is a police that will teach you all the tricks and you don't have to go too far. coming up. . first, here are sat's winning lottery numbers. good luck. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. looking at a pretty nice day. look at the forecast if you are down at the shore. ocean city right now. and there is a slight chance as we head to the afternoon hours. could be a shower or thunderstorm popping up. better to be at the beach than in the city. 82 for the high. now the forecast back here at home looks like this. little bit warmer than that. and 9 degrees. so above average slightly and little bit of humidity in the area. not a bad summer day. >> thanks. turning to the other stories people are talking about. a stunner in a kidnapping case in new york city. they found the victim inside a
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nypd detective's garage. they traced a ransom call to a home and when they got there, an officer on the force for 17 years answered the door. he is now suspended without pay. four others are arrested and the victim was held for $75,000. sad story in peru. two missing climbers were found in the mountain there. ben homes and glenn weiss, this is northeast of lima, it looks like the two men fell on the way down the mountain. they have been missing for several days. a home in nebraska is completelytroyed after a car goes crashing through it. >> it happened in this home in omaha. >> he was drinking and driving when they drove straight into the house. it went through the homeowner's bedroom. she was sleeping at the time. but she is expected to be okay. >> next time you head to the new york area airport.
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prepare to be greeted by someone who is always in a good mood. >> if you wish to use a taxi, please see the taxi dispatcher outside door number 8. >> that was ava, a life sized avatar. >> they are unveiling the customer representative to improve customer satisfaction. >> she is beamed on to plexiglas, they paid $180,000 to place each at the busiest airports like laguardia. newark and kennedy airports. >> how cool is that. >> dress over the side. stares you down. >> new york airports i have seen are scarier. >> not the friendlyiest. >> i like ava. >> this morning we are getting an inside look that teaches some very exciting stunts. they specialize in all things circus. today, we are joined by erica.
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we are excited to hear all about this. >> good morning. >> amazing. >> tell us about the program. >> okay. so charmed city movement art is a school that offers programs for adults and children. whether they want to be a professional circus performer or have fun after work. we have classes in tight wire walking. >> hand mounting. >> large number of dance classes for our students. >> are you on a tight rope right now. >> i think she is. >> i am on a tight rope right now. >> how are you doing two things at once. >> amazing. >> this is what i do for a living. no big deal to me. >> what was your impression as a fellow tight rope walker of the wallenda, when he was here. >> i got to meet him and go down to niagara falls and teach the workshops and be under the tight rope when he went over
8:19 am
the falls. i can tell you. both times i was horrified for him. >> what else do you teach as far as tight rope walking. >> what are some other things. >> well, if you have ever wanted to learn how to ride an union cycle, this is a good place. >> we have one of the best jugglers in the world. he is from china and won the golden one for juggling. he teaches juggling. beginner to advanced and we have ballet, yoga. and we have an oakland crow conditioning class. whether you want to and acrobat or not. it is a great workout. >> what are some tips about tight rope walking. >> you need core strength. >> yes, it is a great workout. >> let's see, for one thing you want to stare at one thing. i can look at you because i have been doing this for years. you want to look straight ahead at the tight rope itself.
8:20 am
you want to make sure it is in the middle of the big toe and middle of your heel. they want to put it in a weird spot. that's not going to work. be really long. don't be tense. you are likely to fall over. >> from charmed city movement art, thank you. we will talk to you later on in the show. >> i don't know if i could do that. >> you worked your way up to 100 feet or so. >> or niagara falls. coming up on eyewitness news, sunday morning. i am mary bubala, now, the president of the company sits the first time i saw fios, it was absolutely amazing.
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. here is the forecast for the next couple of days. slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm. it will go up to monday or tuesday. move up into wednesday. you see better chance for thunderstorms and we will watch for another front to come our way over the weekend. many marylanders are trying to repair the damage for the storm that roared across the state on june 29th. this is the storm and the widespread power outages that
8:24 am
followed. mary bubala speaks to the man at the center of this. >> he defends his company's response that left everyone without power for days. >> reporter: the storm roar noose maryland with a crushing blow. rivalling even the fiercest of hurricanes. power from three quarters of the bge customers in a matter of minutes. >> it was climbing fast and this was a storm of historic proportions. unlike anything i have seen. >> bge president and ceo, ken is hunkered down at home. glued to the radar on his computer. >> it was on the scale of a hurricane but without the warning. >> reporter: he directed the lineman across the state and called in reinforcements.
8:25 am
as the temperatures soared to 100 degrees, for some the hours without power turned to days. >> reporter: was there a moment that you began to have some panic when it was so intensely hot and you knew you had customers out. vulnerable customers. were you scared. >> i feel the pressure personally. i understand how important this is. >> reporter: important that lawmakers, including governor o'malley and the senators called for investigations and fines. >> reporter: top officials criticized the response to the storm. >> i understand they are reacting to the feedback from their constituents. i understand the need for us to be evaluated but i do believe it is inappropriate to simply say, knee jerk reaction. let's punish the utilities. we are working hard to do the best job we can to restore service quickly and we are continuing to mcvery
8:26 am
significant investments in improving reliability. >> reporter: is it time to look at burying power lines. >> today bge has 75% of its system underground. we have within putting ground underground since 1969. but we have 9500 miles of over headlines. if we replace 200 of them a year. that is a 50 year project. >> i am willing to do that and we need to have an honest conversation. if we do that, what is the impact on customer's cost. >> do you think the response to the storm was adequate or inadequate. >> we are in the process of valuing the performance. >> just your gut reaction to it. >> given the circumstances with no warning and given the magnitude of the problem, this performance compares better than what we did even in hurricane irene. this storm was everywhere and that's what make it is different. and difficult.
8:27 am
>> mary bubala, eyewitness news. he said bge is aggressively hiring lineman. no one can hire enough staff to handle a storm of this strength. >> one of the big problem was that storm, too. all the states around us were effected. so, we tap into the states, we couldn't, they had their own issues with the storm. a lot of people effected by that one. >> a lot more to come on eyewitness news this morning. more information on the maryland man who threatened to go object a shooting rampage and was found with an arsenal of weapons. >> remembering ever the colorado movie theater massacre victims. here, they draw a big crowd. we will take you there when eyewitness news, ,,,,,,
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skim milk and a hint of cocoa. okay, plates in the sink, grab your backpacks -- [ male announcer ] nutella.
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. welcome back to eyewitness news. i am andrea fujii. >> take a look outside. we have got sunshine and there is camden yards. great game going on this afternoon. we are starting the day already on the rise.
8:31 am
75 degrees in baltimore. we were in the 50s. now to 73 in bellaire and up to 77 in annapolis. slight chance for a late day shower or thunderstorm. better chance along the beaches and less of a chance than we saw yesterday. >> i know this seems minute insist school. it is just very intense. we will update you on that shortly. >> here are the other stories people are talking about. he called himself the joker. he had an arsenal of weapons and threatened to shoot his coworkers. >> we are learning more about the maryland man. monique griego has more from those who knew him. >> reporter: one of the friend described him as a gentle giant who never meant for his threats to be taken seriously. >> they raid an apartment at the complex and what they found surprised everyone. >> it is shocking and scary. >> close to home.
8:32 am
and it shatters you. >> reporter: police confiscated an arsenal of guns and round of ammunition that they say belongs to this man, 28-year-old neil he had wynn prescott. >> we were surprised by the type and a.m. of guns in the residence. >> reporter: he called his employer at pitney bowes and threatened to go on a shooting rampage. he was in the middle of being fired. >> i am a joker and i will blow everyone up. >> reporter: setting off alarm behls following the recent massacre in colorado. >> we take all threats seriously. if you are going to make a threat, we will take action. >> reporter: a friend spoke out saying the suspect may have had a stash of automatic rifles and pistols because he collected weapons. and was worried about the apartment complex. the friend went on to say prescott was a gentle giant
8:33 am
with a sarcastic sense of humor. neighbors talked about his calm demeanor. >> he was quiet. stayed to himself. stayed in his room. >> his parents wanted him to go to college. but he decided to be a computer geek. >> reporter: else undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. and charges are still pending. >> certainly, we saved lives. >> reporter: the mental health evaluation could take up to a week and after that, he could face formal charges. monique griego, wjz news. >> they are considering additional charges against prescott. funerals are held for the victims of the colorado movie theater massacre. they gathered in texas to say good-bye to jessica ghawi. she was aspiring sportscaster.
8:34 am
she survived a deadly shooting in toronto last month. and was one of the those killed during "the dark knight" rises in aurora. >> if he could have done this with that much hate, imagine what we can do with that of love. >> reporter: matt mcquinn died protecting his girlfriend. and there will be a service for jesse childress and alex teves, for the latest on the investigation and the victims log on to a body is discovered floating in the potomac river. a boater called the police after spotting a man's body. officers say the victim was wearing blue athletic or workout pants. they found no apparent signs of trauma. and they hope they can find out who he is and how he died. in this morning's wjz
8:35 am
health watch, hundreds of of athletes die -- of athletes die from a risk. >> now, they are trying to prevent that. thousands of miles away from the london olympics, the junior olympic championships are going on at morgan state university. though, it is fun and games outside. inside the student center, it is serious business. doctors are checking young athletes for heart conditions that can predispose them to certain death when the heart just stops. >> it is comprehensive and yet focused and it covers 80 to 90% of the conditions. >> they will have sudden cardiac arrest. >> reporter: his son died from sudden cardiac arrest. now she is spreading the word about early detection. >> it is the worse thing to
8:36 am
lose a child. if he had a screening, he still might be here with us. >> reporter: no risk factors and strictly genetic and often hereditary. and most don't show systems. this boy is getting tested. >> just in case. >> reporter: that's why it helped hundreds to get tested to prevent tragedy. >> it is a minute to do that. >> reporter: if you missed yesterday's screening, you can log on to for more information. a massive sinkhole continues to wreak havoc in northeast big. they are still without water and could be until sometime today. the 6-inch water main broke between bradford and water streets. it collapsed even more. now onto the olympics. michael phelps comes up shorts.
8:37 am
he failed on the 400-meter relay to come up with a medal. p lochte grabbed a medal. and phelps placed fourth. this is is the first time he hasn't earned a medal since the olympics in 2000. this is not the only event joining a crowd. they came to big to see a different kind of football. >> reporter: espn soccer summer series. >> they shine in the spotlight. they square off in a preseason game televised around the world. it is seen by more than 40,000 people in person. some traveled here from as far away as australia. >> great game and great atmosphere to go and see. different from the nfl in that you are not so stop and start. the history of it.
8:38 am
it as ceremony. >> reporter: they may not be the most household names in the states. >> my husband is a life-long fan of the team and we decided why not make a road trip to baltimore. it is our anniversary weekend and here we are. >> this is the first time my kids can see professional soccer and came to see their favorite time. it is something you couldn't pass up. >> reporter: adam must, wjz, eyewitness news. onto the orioles now. who are coming off a rough game against the oakland as. tommy hunter gave up two home runs and couldn't come up with a hit in time. he gave up two homers and at least one in the 16 starts but two. nick mark contact kiss hit a home run. and they fell to the as. 6-1. orioles home stand with the
8:39 am
oakland as wraps up this afternoon. see the birds and the jays this afternoon. right here on wjz 13. so many sports going on this weekend. >> there is. >> it is exciting. >> the next two weeks. weather wise it is a beautiful day to go to the ballpark. if you have the shades, it is in the upper 80s. less humidity than yesterday and less chance of a storm. we will switch it over and show you. we had the storms and produced a lot of rain and hail. and prince george's county and also on the eastern shore between down through it cambridge k. >> all that is moving away overnight and now we are seeing sunshine. the front left us. it is just offshore. and there is a chance of the late day shower and thunderstorm. little bit of a breeze out of the north today. that's about it. >> that's where we are in baltimore. we started out the day in the 50s and now, it is 61 in
8:40 am
oakland. you can see most of us in the 70s. there is the front that left us yesterday. pushing off to the southeast and close enough for a pop up shower or showers. it is there. >> behind it, we have a couple of fronts and the next one is closer to tomorrow with a chance of shower. and thunderstorm. and tuesday and wednesday. when it crosses over the mid atlantic. it is a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. >> as far as temperatures go, it is really warm day at this point. >> north winds at 5 knots and going up to 89 degrees. just a slight chance for something to pop up. better chance tonight. going down to 66 degrees. and then tomorrow. we have better chances for showers and storm and they go up on tuesday and wednesday with the next front coming through. >> all the while, highs. and 90s and not looking at any records but the chance that we are going to be a little bit
8:41 am
above average with varying thunderstorms from day to day. >> pretty much a summer time weather pattern. that is for the next few things. >> showers tend to cool it off a little bit. love t. >> if you are not planning a barbecue. >> some people are. >> yes. >> eyewitness news sunday morning. call it a trendy take on camping. if you are the outdoory type, we have the perfect solution. >> andrea heard of this. we will explain what glamping is. that is coming up next. have you heard of amazing stunts like the one at perform circus. try juggling. and tight rope walking. >> we will have all you know what, this looks just like the tree house i built with my dad. (girl) really? yeah. there you go. okay, i'm gonna work on the roof.
8:42 am
dad, i'll be right back! (announcer) it's more than just that great peanut taste, choosing jif is a simple way to show someone how much you care. you made that for me? well you're making this for me. (announcer) choosey moms, and dads, choose jif.
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. welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. we know the stunt we see he at the circus and teach you how to do all that. >> we are laughing a little bit. we know what you are about to see. >> once again, erica saban of
8:45 am
charmed city movement. >> that is real. >> hi. yes. i am doing it. my nose itches a little. >> how do you do that? >> how many years did it take you to learn to do all of that? >> you know, i have been doing circus for seven years and i started juggling. i think everyone starts with juggling. and eventually transition into a lot of different things and aerials. and trapeze. hand oncing is my newest skill and i learn td from my trainer here. he learned it when he was a child in china and he teaches our students. >> you were in the circus and that's how you learned all the skills. >> i got recruited. >> i started as a dancer and circus performers saw me performing for the opera company in philadelphia. and thought i would be a good fit for their show and here i
8:46 am
am. >> are all of these classes for children and which ones are for the kids. >> the majority is for adults. >> we do have a handful of kids classes and we have a toddler and me circus. it as fun play date and we do tumbling and juggling. and plate spinning. and then we have kind kerr circus. and kid's circus. >> do you have kids coming through. saying i want to be in the circus for my full time career. >> all the time. >> what is your take on cirque du soleil. >> i think there are great smaller circuses out there that people don't notice. and i think cirque du soleil is kind of old news. i hate to it is on the air. there are good things happening like seven fingers. small groups like that. >> yes, they are great.
8:47 am
>> talk more about the program and how much is it. how do you sign up? when are classes? >> well, i am going to come down for a second. well, there are classes every night of the week. monday through friday. we have dance, tight wire. and on the weekends we do a little but of yoga. yoga is important for circus performers. >> you can sign up on the website. charmed it averages to be $20 a class. >> great work out. >> very cool. >> i am sure my face is a little red right now. >> you look fantastic. >> erica saben from the charmed city arts. >> thanks. >> appreciate it. >> well, still ahead on eyewitness news sunday morning. >> if you always said you didn't like camping, you haven't tried glamping. the first time i saw fios, it was absolutely amazing.
8:48 am
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that's 1.866.569.3467. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. say goodbye to your old technology. welcome to life on fios. ♪
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. we are talking about a new take on camping. it is called glamping. >> glamorous camping is some of the modern day luxuries we are used to. >> for some of us who haven't camped before. >> we are on different end of this, i was wondering if this is still considered camping. they will take us through that. and andrea has never been camping. >> from the backyard thing. this is for people like me who rant to have the luxuries of
8:51 am
home. >> we see theary row bed and we have theary row bed which is extra high queen sized mattress. very luxurious, you don't need the sleeping bags any more. we have the llbean big woods dome tent. it as eight person 10th. it is a spacious 150 square foot. >> well, you know, absolutely. if you are doing it in your backyard, you can run power cords to it. >> this is not a hiking camp in event. >> it is meant to be luxurious and you are enjoying all the modern day comforts and these are 800 count sheets from nordstrom. no sleeping bags. queen mattress and 800 thread count sheets. >> you can pack in this nice. >> exactly. so, no need to stuff all your clothing into a book bag. this is from lord and taylor.
8:52 am
your clothes can say neatly hung and pressed and this is hiking and walking shoes as well. >> towels. >> these are the luxurious very plush and highly and serve rent cotton towels. >> cool things you have. in order to pass the time at night. brook stone has an eye phone projector which you are holding there. this is the wireless speaker and this projector can shoot a stream up to 60 inches wide. good thing you have the large 10th to use as a back drop. >> this will play it wirelessly as well. >> that is fun for kids. >> can you watch movies. tv. >> it is cool. >> exactly. >> beavers in cups and cans -- beverages in cups and cans won't do. >> this forms around the wine about thele to keep it cold and the glasses are clear polly
8:53 am
carbon natglasss and they won't break or shatter or crack. >> maybe i will try camping one day. >> try glamping. >> some of them have it set up and they have glamping. >> it is a new trend. been around for five years. you can find the templates that are dedicated to glamping. >> they have place that is are set up like hotels and they are out in the woods and you are ,,,
8:54 am
8:55 am
. tomorrowle eight for a high and -- tomorrow a high for 98. and it is a best chance for storms. see the front comes through. and we will start to see another front move our way. we will finish up here and
8:56 am
before we do. andrea is leaving us. it is her last week with us. >> i am going to go glamping. >> all of these items can be found at the retailers at the mall in columbia. >> visit us at the mall in >> awesome stuff and for people who want the luxury of being indoors while being outdoors. hello, great option. >> it is not a bad option either. >> thank you very much, andrea. >> we have had a great time. >> i have had a great time in baltimore, too. >> thank you for being here. we appreciate it. >> and thanks for joining us this morning. sunday morning. i am andrea fujii, in for gigi barnett. >> i am in for tim williams. have a great day. ,,,,,, organic artichokes, organic lettuce, organic kale...
8:57 am
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does your cauliflower have a big carbon footprint? not at all. that's great. melons!!! oh yeah!! well that was uncalled for. uhh... mr. gallagher. incoming!!! hahaha! it's wasteful. you know jimmy. folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy, ronny? happier than gallagher at a farmers' market. get happy. get geico.
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